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1955 to 1956


Comber Primary School pupils pictured around 1955/56

Back row (From left to right):- Sheila Cooper - Ivan Adair - Patricia Smyth - Herbert Artt - Renee Johnston - Ken Cooper - Marion Dixon - Kyle Harper - Hilary Thompson - David Smylie - Elva Edgar

Second Row:- Ellen Smyth - Harry McCracken - Sandra Bell - Billy Allen - Anne Coster - Derek Crossen - Anne McMillan - Brian Burton - Joan Minnis - Robert Bennett.

Third Row:- Junior Bennett - Elizabeth Megahey - Tom Brown - Anne Allen - Tom Dornan - Patricia Green - Samuel Gracey - Irene Girvan - Jim Needham - John Robinson.

Front Row:- Robin Thompson - David Brown - Patricia Carroll - Jim Thompson - Marion Steenson - Billy McClements - Evelyn Boyd - Tom Parker - Kenneth Gourley - Fred Haslam.

NOTE This is a very interesting photograph which I am sure will be of interest to many. I must apologise that I have lost the details of the kind person who sent it to me. I will gladly acknowledge the sender whenever details are supplied. Because of the age of the picture it is now, I believe, beyond copyright laws. However it is good practice to acknowledge the original photographer, the newspaper or source from which it was copied.
It is interesting to note that there are some of the people pictured here are still alive and well and are fully involved in Comber life. Any observations you may have about the folks pictured here would be very acceptable to print here.

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